Environmentally friendly removal of graffiti

Large cities pay up to one million euros a year to have graffiti removed from public areas. And it is estimated that this costs smaller cities up to 200,000 euros a year at least.

Municipal decision-makers, service providers and employees of housing associations are looking for an easy, reliable, gentle yet environmentally-friendly method of removing unwanted graffiti.

With its Tornado ACS, the company systeco is offering an integrated, all-in-one solution based on the vacuum-blasting method.

The unit uses a blasting agent specially selected for each surface which is applied to the area to be cleaned. The paint particles are removed from the substrate and separated from the abrasive by a filter. The abrasive can then be used on the surface again to remove the paint.

The Tornado ACS is a closed system. No paint residues or solvent get into the waste water, so that there is less harm to the environment. No equipment for collecting paint residues is required.

A suitable abrasive can be selected for each type of surface to be cleaned. For example, nut shells can be used for both plastered facades and removing graffiti from paintwork.

Graffiti can also be removed from a composite insulation system (ETICS or ETICS systems). As no water which might get into gaps is used, there is no major danger of mould forming.

Since the system is kind to surfaces, it even meets the high standards for protecting monuments. Old places, fortresses and other architectural monuments can be cleaned according to legal requirements. The process is also suitable for sandstone.

The equipment can be set up in only a few minutes and can be safely operated in busy locations, pedestrian zones, footpaths and in road traffic. Elaborate barriers are not necessary.

systeco distributes the Tornado ACS via a well-established dealer network. The dealers provide expert advice on the equipment, its maintenance and, if necessary, repairs at short notice. The cleaning machines can be leased to buy on a long-term basis and low-cost rental plans are available for short jobs.