SafeHire Certified Floor Cleaning Equipment

For the third year running, The Preparation Group has proven its commitment to providing quality products and services for surface and floor preparation and cleaning with its SafeHire certification status. The company is a member of the Hire Association Europe and its Group Hire Manager Kate Walshaw, recently re-elected to the HAE Supply Chain Board, and her team provide a wealth of knowledge to benefit hire customers and is passionate about giving the best possible service and advice.

Committed to continual improvement in quality and delivery of customer satisfaction, The Preparation Group provides competitively priced equipment, accessories and solutions – as is at the core of the SafeHire certification.

Equipment includes the STG450, an all-in-one machine for refurbishing and cleaning hard floors. It has a wide range of attachments that can be fixed or simply placed under the machine for grinding, sanding, cleaning or polishing; terrazzo, resin, stone, wood, polished concrete and floor coatings and for cleaning smooth vinyl. The STG450 is operated by a simple lever, there are no complicated switches and a dust skirt minimises pollution when fitted to a vacuum unit. It can also be used wet with an optional water tank for eco-friendly polishing of hard surfaces to a high gloss finish. It presents a low-cost option with virtually no maintenance, combined with high levels of productivity. Available in 110v, 230v or 415v options to suit all industries and for sale or hire, it is easy to transport and store.

Specialising in environmentally friendly cleaning methods The Preparation Group offers cost saving, double-sided Storm Diamond Cleaning Pads infused with billions of microscopic diamonds. The pads fit the STG450, STG400, Burnisher430 and other makes of scrubber dryers and rotary cleaning machines. They deep clean and maintain previously polished smooth, hard surfaces and resilient floors such as Luxury vinyl tile with just water, removing light scratches and staining to leave a soft sheen to a high gloss finish. Being double-sided, they can be flipped over to use again for twice the value. They produce a hygienically clean, shiny floor with no chemicals and can be used dry, but using water increases pad life and produces better results.

There are five grades of Storm pad from coarse to fine and for the best finish, cleaning stages shouldn’t be skipped. It is a case of working up through the grades and then stopping at the desired level of shine.

Other plates and discs available for the STG450 for heavy duty preparation work include:

Nylon Brush Plates for scrubbing and cleaning old floors to remove surface contaminants and can be used with cleaning products or degreasing solutions, but water gives an environmentally friendly clean. Tungsten Carbide Copper Discs for removing old adhesive residues and paint. Black Sanding Discs for sanding and grinding, removing surface contaminants and keying terrazzo tiles for overlaying.  Scrubbing Pads for removing floor wax, ground-in dirt and scuff marks. SFD’s (Surface Finishing Diamond Pads) for a first-time polish on hard floors and removal of heavy scoring and marks. There are also discs for levelling uneven surfaces and complete floor renewal.

Says Kate; ‘The STG450 is the most versatile machine available – it does it all! By interchanging a huge array of accessories, from metal drive plates to diamond cleaning pads, it prepares, removes, polishes and cleans almost any surface.’

For safe collection of dust particles, The Preparation Group’s 202DSLP vacuum is the answer. Intelligently designed, with self-cleaning filter technology delivered by the system, it gives a powerful performance with consistently high suction levels. Ideal for situations where dust is critical, it features a longopac® safe bagging system where instead of a bin, dust and solid material is collected into a continuous feeding bag, sealed by the operator for disposal. Fitted with an easy change ‘M’ Filter as standard, ‘H’ filters are also available for containment of very fine dust particles that can be harmful, including asbestos.

Says Kate; ‘We have 28 years’ experience in the surface preparation industry and dust containment has always been a priority. The 202DSLP is built to last with very little maintenance needed. For clean, safe operation and easy disposal of dust, there can be no other choice.’

The Preparation Group offers a large fleet of surface and floor preparation equipment for sales or hire anywhere in the UK; Planers, Grinders, Multi-strippers, STGs, Shotblasters, Vacuums and Hand Tools.

Hire customers can benefit from complete fleet management where the company repairs, services & PAT tests equipment to ensure legal compliance, long life, continued performance and operator safety. The Preparation Group stocks thousands of accessories and consumables ready to ship next day or for same day collection from our Lincoln head office.

Says Kate; ‘We are one of only two surface preparation companies to be SafeHire certified. We are committed in providing quality, easy to use equipment, tools and accessories and to adopt procedures and provide guidance for their safe, continuous use. Many government offices and councils are already insisting on the SafeHire certification when engaging with a hire company for contract work.’

For free advice or a demonstration of The Preparation Group’s equipment call 01522 561 460 or contact our hire team