Workwear catalogue

The Newest Clothing Innovations in the 2019 Snickers Workwear Catalogue is now available. It includes market-leading designs and the latest fabric technology innovations from the leading workwear brand.

This 200-page catalogue has all you need to know about, what is described as, the UK’s most extensive range of working clothes for professional tradesmen and women.

There’s something for every trade you can name in the Snickers Workwear range – AllroundWork, RUFFWork, LITEWork and FLEXIWork clothing – Trousers, Jackets, Tool Vests, Shirts, Underwear, Accessories and much more – plus an extensive range of EN-certified PPE working clothes.

Added to which, there’s street-smart stretch fabrics for mobile comfort and a Layered Clothing System that ensures you can choose clothes to suit the weather on site – rain or shine, wind or snow.

Complemented by Snickers Profiling and Embroidery services and the most extensive range of garment sizes, the Snickers Workwear system is designed to deliver the ultimate solution to make every man and woman’s workday easier and safer.